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Confidentiality and Security

BDO Capital restricts access of nonpublic information to its employees and disseminates nonpublic information internally only on a need to know basis. BDO Capital maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards and guidelines that comply with federal standards that help guard against confidentiality breaches.


BDO Capital may disclose some or all of the information it collects to non-affiliated third parties for the purpose of assisting it in providing engaged financial services. To have access to this non-public information, non-affiliated third parties must agree to not reuse or disclose the information except as required-permitted by law. BDO Capital does not disclose nonpublic information to other third parties except as required by law or in accordance with FINRA regulations.

For information on our privacy policy, please click here: Privacy Policy.

Business Continuity

Business continuity for disaster recovery is a high priority for BDO Capital Advisors. For information on our business continuity plan please click here: Business Continuity.