• Government Contracting

Driving growth for reinvestment and fair market returns for shareholders.

Many government contractors are faced with increased competition and pressures from changes in regulatory priorities with each new administration. The industry is also seeing a shrinking pool of clearance, or clearance-eligible, employees. These factors have led to a growth in ESOP transactions within the government contracting industry and created the need for a sophisticated level of expertise among ESOP advisors.

While ESOPs are common in the government contracting space, there is no one common structure that achieves all stakeholders’ goals. Engaging the right financial advisor is critical in such a complex and highly regulated industry. Our team’s deep and extensive history as advisor to many complex M&A transactions allows us to work with clients to structure deals that meet the goals of the seller and the company.

Our Government Contracting subsector experience includes:
  • Cybersecurity
  • Defense
  • 8(a) eligible 
  • Analytics and data science
  • Market research