BDO Private Capital Pulse Survey - Fall 2020

October 2020


BDO's own Scott Hendon shared his insights with The Wall Street Journal regarding what's behind the trend toward venture and growth investing for private equity fund managers, as well as other private equity industry shifts, according to BDO's Private Capital Pulse Survey. The survey, Private Capital through Crisis: Calculating Risks, presents five key takeaways:
  1. 75% of fund managers expect the economy to perform better in 2021 ...
  2. ... Yet 55% are conducting business continuity risk assessments in preparation for a second wave of COVID-19
  3. Asset prices have dropped 20% from preā€‘COVID levels
  4. GPs are pivoting to venture-focused investments and growth equity
  5. Private capital is most concerned about risk—both in terms of uncovering vulnerabilities in the portfolio as well as during due diligence of an acquisition