• Sell-Side Advisory

Providing focused, value-added approaches for clients seeking liquidity.

Our M&A team offers a full spectrum of sell-side advisory services and possess in-depth experience and expertise working with entrepreneurs, family businesses, private equity backed companies, and public corporations. 

BDO Capital employs a proven and disciplined approach to each sales process that is tailored to meet our clients’ objectives.  We start by developing a thorough understanding of our clients' goals and objectives.  We then design a comprehensive sale process plan that begins with due diligence and a carefully crafted company positioning framework.  We create offering materials that portray the most compelling message about the company to the global marketplace.  We then manage every step of the sale process to minimize disruption to the company while maximizing value for our clients. 

Our services include:
  • Recommendations to meet client’s goals and objectives
  • Indicative valuation
  • Review alternatives and design value maximizing sale process
  • Preparation of a confidential information memorandum
  • Identification and approach of potential acquirers leveraging our global offices
  • Solicitation of indicative offers
  • Preparation of management presentation
  • Coordination of site visits and plant tours
  • Solicitation and negotiation of letter of intent
  • Management of the due diligence process and data room
  • Contractual negotiations through to closing

Private business owners preparing for a liquidity event in 1-3 years and desiring to maximize shareholder value and generate strong interest from buyers may benefit from BDO Capital’s M&A Exit Strategy Review (ESR).

This review, performed by seasoned investment bankers with keen M&A market insights, decades of transaction experience, and expertise gained from extensive work with clients to prepare their businesses for sale, will help a company better understand key issues including:
  • How a buyer may view the business
  • Company positioning and the investment thesis
  • Developing and presenting the growth strategy
  • Valuation
  • Preparing to go to market
Click here to learn more about the M&A ESR, or reach out to one of our key contacts with any questions.