BDO Capital Advises on the Acquisition of ATS by Amada

Los Angeles, CA - April 2, 2018 - BDO Capital Advisors, LLC (BDO Capital) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Advanced Technology Sales and Service, Inc. (ATS or the Target) by Amada North America, Inc. (Amada NA or the Company).

BDO Capital Advisors served as exclusive financial advisor to Amada NA in completing this acquisition. Amada NA is the U.S.-based operations of Amada Holdings Co., a publicly-traded Japanese manufacturer of metal processing equipment and machinery that generates approximately $2.7B in global revenues. ATS, based in North Carolina, is a distributor and servicer of metal fabrication equipment and a pivotal expansion for Amada NA in the Eastern U.S.

Although BDO Capital is best known for its sell-side advisory services, the firm undertakes acquisition advisory roles in situations where the client has clearly identified a target and is likely in need of valuation, negotiation, financing and structuring support and advice. Under such circumstances, BDO Capital is well-positioned to be a trusted advisor in navigating the acquisition process while enhancing the potential for a successful outcome.  

BDO Capital President Bob Snape commented, “The Amada deal not only enhances our buy-side credentials but also our cross-border successes, as the Amada NA Japanese parent, Amada Holdings, along with its board of directors, were actively involved in the diligence review and approval of the transaction.”